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Our Goal is to share the message of Jesus Christ with the world through love, respect and mutual dialogue with others & to train believers to co-partner with Christ in liberating man and the world from all kinds of injustice!

Our ministry has been active in more than 80 nations worldwide, providing free of charge books, tapes and CD’s from Samuel Lee to everyone who lives in a developing nation. We believe the Gospel must be preached free of charge through audio tapes to those who cannot afford to hear the Gospel. We also believe in social transformation through preaching & practicing the Gospel, standing for the rights of migrants, widows, orphans and other marginal groups in the society.

If you want to receive our CD’s and messages and start an evangelistic ministry with them, please email us at & mention your name and address.

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People don’t read our evangelism tracks only! What they really read

is our lives!

- Samuel Lee






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The Majority of the World’s populations has never had the chance to encounter the love of God and hear the good news as it supposed to be! Everyday people suffer in poverty, both spiritual and materially, and people die without having the chance to experience the love of Christ. May be they have experienced Christianity and yet not the saving power of Christ! From 1997 till 2008, SLWE has distributed the Gospel for free from schools, churches, orphanages, prison and police departments, in more than 80 nations around the world. All these materials are being sponsored by the Jesus Christ Foundation Church, where Samuel Lee functions as the senior pastor. Are willing to reach the world with gospel and you cannot do it on your own, then sponsor a nation!